Monday, 25 March 2013

Matthew Jukes reviews the St André de Figuière Rosés

Matthew Jukes wasn't half impressed with the Provençal rosés from Domaine St André de Figuière. Get ready for spring with these three beauties:

From Matthew's MoneyWeek article on 22nd March 2013:

"2012 Le Saint André Rosé, Vin de Pays du Var, France (£9.75 bottle; £22.95 magnum, Robert Rolls tel. 020 3215 0011). I apologise that this week’s column reads a little like a shopping list, but I have had an epiphany recently and so you must use this information wisely and accurately.  I tasted three brand new 2012 rosés the other day, from the Figuière estate in Provence and they are all sold by the enigmatic and highly talented Robert Rolls.  I can guarantee that you will solve all of your rosé purchases for the year in one fell swoop (assuming that you load up with a few boxes of Château de Sours from Bordeaux, too, because it’s a cracker)!  So here we go – Glugger, my featured Le Saint André Rosé, check out the magnums!  This is a heavenly creation, classily packaged, pale, enticing and beautifully balanced with a come-hither, wild strawberry scent.  Dinner Party, 2012 Magali, Signature Rosé (£12.45 bottle; £26.50 magnum; £64.00 double magnum!) is a more structured and tightly wound creation with devastating acidity and epic class.  No Upper Limit, 2012 Première de Figuière, Vieilles Vignes Rosé (£15.99 bottle; £33.95 magnum) is simply sublime with the Mourvèdre grape leading the way, as one would expect, and loading everything that is glorious and breathtaking about awesome quality Provence Rosé into one glass."

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Pousse Rapière

Last week I had a flurry of enquiries about Pousse Rapière. It's an Armagnac based liqueur from Château Monluc in South West France, traditionally drunk in a cocktail with the local sparkling wine. It's totally delicious, and for anyone who has ever holidayed in the Gers it will no doubt recall warm summer evenings surrounded by sunflowers. RR & Co is the only supplier in London, so do get in touch if you'd like to try any (£15/bottle ex VAT).